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These Eco briquettes (RUF) are made from 100% Oak sawdust compressed under extreme pressure with absolutely no additives used. Final product – very efficient clean and smokeless fuel. Oak briquettes have a vary big heat output compared to softwood briquettes.

Packing: plastic package, 12 briquettes in the package, 96 packages on the pallet, 1152 briquettes in total.

Weight: one package=10kg; pallet=960kg.

Dimensions: 60x96x150mm

Calorific value: 4800 kcal/kg (twice more than turf briquettes)

Ash content after burning 0.66%

Please note briquette specificatios were confirmed in the lab.

Price includes 96 packages of briquettes, VAT, delivery and a pack of Organic firelighters.

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