Eco Fuels & Firewood for Stoves & Open Fires

Raymond’s Eco Fuels was established to offer ecological sustainable fuels as alternative for fossil fuel, for an Irish customer. We only sell Ecological and fully sustainable fuels for stoves and open fires with no chemical additives whatsoever. Our priority is clean environment and by using our renewable eco fuels you will help environment to stay cleaner and look towards a better future for the generations to come. By using our greener firewood & Kindling you will make a step towards modern society and it will help you save your money.


Straw Pellets For Bedding

*Very easy to muck out. Just use a fork to take away solid bits in affected areas.

*Cost and labor effective.

*Outstanding smell absorption (ammonia).

*Up to 4 times liquid absorbsion of their own weight! Nothing else can match it. Use less of it less often compared to other types of bedding.

*Conveniently packed. Takes up very little space compared to wood shavings, straw bales or sawdust.

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  • Hello Raymond, Some feedback on the wood. Ash is well up to standard; clean, dry and good sized logs. Birch is impressively hot and fast. I can get my stove up to temp. in 20 mins with it. I also think it's cleaner and has less ash.
    Frank Kavanagh
  • Looked around for a while for a replacement bedding and came across Raymonds supplying straw pellets. Never looked back great solution and easily handled.

    Sue Barna
  • Got in touch with Raymonds for logs needed fairly urgent and he got them to me the next day .

    Tom Galway

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