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fire burning in a stove

Lighting a Wood Stove Fire 

HOW TO LIGHT A WOOD STOVE FIRE We are going back to basics, starting with how to light a fire. I know I know this is exactly what you need to learn about right now and you’re welcome, honestly were glad to help. Set all air controls to fully open, sometimes i find it good… Continue reading Blog

Cooking With Kiln Dried Firewood 

WHY YOU NEED TO START COOKING WITH KILN DRIED FIREWOOD. Whether you own a restaurant or you are the chef for your family you NEED to consider using Kiln Dried Firewood for your future cooking endeavours. Advantages of Cooking with Kiln Dried Firewood 1) Free from chemicals The first benefit of cooking with Kiln Dried… Continue reading Blog

How Sustainable is Kiln Dried Firewood 

SWITCH TO SUSTAINABLE FIREWWOD, SWITCH TO KILN DRIED. As people who care about the environment, but who also like being warm and because consumers are increasingly turning to sustainable firewood in the search for environmentally friendly renewable energy resources. This is why you need to switch to Kiln Dried Wood. Because they are kiln dried… Continue reading Blog

How To Store Kiln Dried Firewood 

How to store kiln dried logs Kiln Dried Firewood burns better and more efficiently than unseasoned giving you more heat and less mess. That’s why kiln dried logs are often favoured by those that have wood burning stoves and open fires. The lower the moisture content of firewood, the better it burns. Our kiln dried wood is… Continue reading Blog

Why you need to stop burning coal. 

Mining and burning coal for fuel is harmful to the environment; but, because coal is so abundant and cheap, many people are reluctant to give it up as a fuel source. Here is why you need to stop today!!!   Burning coal releases toxins. Coal contains sulfur and other elements, including dangerous metals such as mercury,… Continue reading Blog

Top Down Burning Method 

  The top down fire or self feeding fire is a fire building technique that’s much different than building a conventional fire. Typically, when building a fire you start out with a hand full of crumpled up newspaper and place it under small pieces of kindling.   Then you add larger pieces of wood on top… Continue reading Blog

Book Stove Chimney Cleaning from nobother.ie

How To Clean A Stove 

Cleaning a Matt Black Stove You only need to use a dry cloth on your matt black  stove to remove any dust or dirt. Do not use any water on the matt black finish as this will cause it to rust. You can refresh a matt black stove with a fresh paint finish, either by brushing on… Continue reading Blog

The Benefits of Kiln Dried Firewood in 2020 

WHY KILN DRIED FIREWOOD IS SUPERIOR. Many people don’t understand the quality of using Kiln Dried Wood. The process of kiln-drying wood is undertaken to reduce the moisture content of the fuel to make it more suitable for burning. Kiln drying is a technique that presents a solution to all of these issues. It involves… Continue reading Blog

Cooking With Wood 

Cooking with Wood is fun and your food will be full of flavour. A wood fire barbecue can be seen as a bit more daunting than a gas barbecue, but it doesn’t have to be!  It’s easy as long as you remember a few things. It takes Longer – When cooking with wood it takes longer than… Continue reading Blog

Buy your Kiln Dried Firewood 

ORDER YOUR KILN DRIED FIREWOOD FROM NO BOTHER We offer a safe secure and convenient online marketplace for home fuel delivery service’s. Wow that’s a mouthful! Simply put we work along side fuel delivery company’s up and down the country from Galway to Dublin, Cork to Limerick  and everywhere in between. From Galway where we… Continue reading Blog

Cooking With A Wood Fired Pizza Oven 

Cooking with wood is wonderfully addictive, and owning a wood-fired oven has become so desirable in recent years. Wood-fired ovens: They may be the most primitive way for man to cook his food, so it’s likely no coincidence that they can give the most mouthwatering, customizable results and offer incredible versatility, creating amazing outcomes on… Continue reading Blog

wood burning in a stove

Hardwood V Softwood 

YES HARDWOOD FIREWOOD IS BETTER Firstly there is still a lot of softwood firewood sold in the Irish market, most likely in nets sold in garage forecourts and whilst in recent years there has been a move towards hardwood, there may now be a move back to more softwood as prices for hardwood timber continues… Continue reading Blog