The issue with the use of Fossil Fuels has become a hot topic over the last few decades. The issues surrounding fossil fuels particularly in terms of climate change have been thought about a lot earlier then we think. In a recent study, the percentage of the population of the world that is reliant on fossil fuels is 85%. The leading contributor to climate change is the fossil fuel industry, it is also a limited fuel source that will be eventually depleted. There has been a lot of issues that have risen due to the use of fossil fuels. It took millions of years for animal and plant matter of decay to turn into fossil fuels and compress underneath the earth’s surface. It cannot be produced at the same rate as we use it. Fossil fuels are non-renewable so it’s only a matter of time that we will run out of it. The cost for using fossil fuels have been linked to global warming, climate change, and greenhouse gas emission, which can then cause more serious problems such as, changes in vegetation habitat, reduction of natural resources and so much more. There are other forms of fuel that can be used and here listed are the best fuel alternatives that are available all over the world:

  • Eco Briquettes

Sawdust BriquetteEco Briquettes are a great fuel option alternative as they are carbon friendly renewable fuel and very efficient, even more, efficient than timber itself. They are good for the planet as they are the smokeless fuel which will cause no harm to the environment. They also reduce the maintenance of your stove and increase the overall stove’s efficiency.
  • Kiln Dried Firewood

Kiln Dried firewood is dried to at least 20% of moisture content which will allow the firewood to burn more efficiently and produce high amounts of heat. It produces little ash, so this will reduce the cleaning of your stoves. Kiln dried firewood burns for longer meaning there is less fuel needed. It will burn cleaner and will produce a brighter flame.
  • Solar Power

Solar power evolved hugely as a source of energy over recent years. It is now widely used for generating power in homes and larger scale energy production. The solar panels use the sunlight and convert it into energy that can be used in the home. Panels can be installed onto a rooftop and your home can be turned into an energy source that is clean while helping you to save money and reduce your energy bills.
  • Wind Power

Wind Power has become increasingly popular in recent years and remains one of the best renewable energy sources. It works simply when the windmill blades become exposed to wind force, the wind makes the turbines rotate which the creates electricity with the inbuilt generator which is then stored through a grid network. Wind Power is a clean source of energy and the cost to produce this form of energy is about 7-15 cents per kWh. The wind turbines position and stand about 328 feet tall so space is necessary to generate this form of energy.
August 21, 2018
Windmill conceptual image.

Best Fossil Fuel Alternatives

The issue with the use of Fossil Fuels has become a hot topic over the last few decades. The issues surrounding fossil fuels particularly in terms […]