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Cooking with Wood is fun and your food will be full of flavour. A wood fire barbecue can be seen as a bit more daunting than a gas barbecue, but it doesn't have to be!  It's easy as long as you remember a few things. It takes Longer - When cooking with wood it takes longer than on a gas or charcoal barbecue. You ideally want to cook on glowing embers, not on open flames which will spark and burn your food. To get that core of hot wood embers takes time. You need to burn the wood for at least an hour until it falls apart as embers and then you can add your grill grate and cook over them. ...

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YES HARDWOOD FIREWOOD IS BETTER Firstly there is still a lot of softwood firewood sold in the Irish market, most likely in nets sold in garage forecourts and whilst in recent years there has been a move towards hardwood, there may now be a move back to more softwood as prices for hardwood timber continues to rise. Firstly, its quite important to know the difference between the two types of firewood. Hardwood firewood fundamentally comes from trees that lose their leaves in the winter, so trees such as Oak, Ash, Birch etc. They are slow growing (80-100 yrs to maturity) and therefore provide a dense timber. In contrast softwood firewood grows much faster maturing in 25-30 yrs and the timber is ...

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HOW TO LIGHT A WOOD STOVE FIRE We are going back to basics, starting with how to light a fire. I know I know this is exactly what you need to learn about right now and you're welcome, honestly were glad to help. Set all air controls to fully open, sometimes i find it good to leave the door of the stove slightly open which really helps the draw when lighting. Use plenty of kindling/sticks and a suitable firelighter, once lit allow the fire to establish quickly, flames should fill the fire chamber. What you are doing at this stage is warming the flue/chimney to encourage the draw. When established add small sized logs taking care not to choke the fire. Allow a ...

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ORDER YOUR KILN DRIED FIREWOOD FROM RAYMONDS ECO FUELS We offer a safe secure and convenient online marketplace for home fuel delivery service's. Wow that's a mouthful simply but we work along side fuel delivery company's up and down the country from Galway to Dublin, Cork to Limerick  and everywhere in between. From Galway where we are based we offer a nation wide kiln dried firewood delivery service with most orders fulfilled within 48 hours of being ordered. All our kiln dried firewood are hardwoods we stock mainly oak, ash and birch sold primarily in 1 m3 pallets or 2 m3 pallets we also sell a selection of kiln dried firewood in 15 kg (40 l) net bags which can be delivered in ...

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