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At Raymond’s Eco Fuels we offer two types of Eco Briquettes – RUF and Piny Kay. We are not putting any fancy sounding brand name on them. They are called that way for more than two decades and we won’t be messing with their birth names. Both of these type are made from hardwood sawdust, RUF is usually made from Birch sawdust and Piny Kay are often made from a mix of hardwood sawdust. They both have the same amount of briquettes in a package (12) and their weight is also the same (10kg per package). They both come on pallets of 960kg in total (96 packages x 10kg). The difference between the two is a color, shape and most importantly a press that makes them.

RUF briquettes are of a light color (especially the ones made from Birch sawdust) and of a shape reminding a builders brick. They are made by a cold press, where already dried sawdust enters a space in the press and is squeezed into a shape by a very powerful hammer. They then come out and get wrapped into a plastic package. No binder is used during this process, only dry sawdust and high pressure. WARNING – avoid dark color RUF briquettes as these are made of softwood sawdust.

Piny Kay briquettes are of dark color on the outside and slightly lighter on the inside. They are made by a completely different press.The process of making these is more complicated and also longer, therefore, they are usually more expensive. Very often sawdust used for a manufacture of these briquettes is dried in massive bunkers and then directed to the pressing area. The reason these briquettes are dark brown on the outside is because during the manufacturing process they are actually “Cooked” and come out hot. They then need to cool down before packing.
Eco Briquettes Piny-Kay

Eco Briquettes Piny-Kay


Eco Briquettes RUF

Eco Briquettes RUF


Smokeless Fuel

It’s great to know that both types of briquettes that we offer at Raymond’s Eco Fuels are classed as smokeless fuel. What does it mean? Well it means that you can use these briquettes as your solid fuel in areas where you may have restrictions from local authorities relating to fumes, this would normally be associated with turf and coal usage.
Not only RUF and Piny Kay briquettes are classed as smokeless fuel, they are also carbon friendly/renewable fuel AND very efficient, even more efficient than timber itself. You would get a lot more value for money from one pallet of briquettes than one pallet of Kiln Dried Logs!

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