Introducing Eco Miles

Introducing Eco Miles


The concept of eco miles is very simple, “eco miles” refers to the distance your firewood has travelled from its production source.

Over the last few years customers like yourself have expressed a keen interest in where our firewood products are sourced /produced. The majority of the products we sell are sourced in Eastern europe and imported into Ireland. This is common practice in the Irish firewood market.

We have been busy sourcing the best locally produced Irish products, and last season 22/23 we began stocking firewood produced in Co. Roscommon. This season 23/24 we have added Irish produced wood briquettes that are manufactured in Co. Meath.

By clearly marking the Irish produced products with the “eco miles” logo we will make a definite distinction between Irish grown and produced products and our imported products.


Is firewood a renewable energy source??

Firewood IS a renewable energy source when managed and used responsibly within the framework of sustainable forestry practices. 

Is firewood truly an eco fuel???

This is a more difficult question to answer. I believe the closer you can source your firewood products the more you can assign the term “eco fuel” 

The “eco miles” value we assign to our products refers to the distance that product has travelled on average from source/production to you, the customer. 

In contrast a lot of the firewood we import ourselves can travel upwards of 2,500km before arriving at your doorstep.

Choosing an Irish grown and processed firewood product is the best decision to make if you are looking for an eco fuel in Galway