Order your Kiln Dried Firewood

Why choose kiln dried firewood?

Kiln Dried Firewood has been dried in a modern purpose build kiln. This means that wood is dried to at least 20% of moisture content (often as low as 13-14%). This allows firewood to burn more efficiently and produce high amounts of heat. It will burn cleaner with a bright flame. Our dried Birch & Ash will produce not only high heat but also very little ash so you will be cleaning out your stove less often.

Not only that, you will need less timber overall compared to season dried timber as season dried timber, which in most cases is softwood, cannot produce high amounts of heat due to its high moisture content (30-35%). In other words, there is no point buying damp timber and expect that it will keep you warm because it won’t.

Our firewood is clean to handle, gives great heat & leaves very little ash – it’s perfect for open fireplaces, stoves & wood fired pizza ovens. All our Kiln Dried firewood has been dried in a thermally insulated chamber, drawing any excess water from it and ensuring moisture content is less than 15%.