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Straw Pellets For Bedding


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Straw pellets are now in stock. Packed in 15kg bags, 67 bags on a pallet.

Delivered Nation Wide by courier and by Raymond himself around Galway, please call for details.

We are not open for public so please arrange a time if you like to collect the pellets from our warehouse.

Collection price 310 euro per pallet (67 bags). Discounts given only on big orders.

Can be used for any animal. Paultry farm enquiries welcome, we can do this type of bedding in re-crumbed shape so fragile animals like chicks don’t break their legs.
Here are just a few benefits of this amazing bedding:

*Up to 4 times liquid absorbsion of their own weight! Nothing else can match it. Use less of it less often compared to other types of bedding.

*Conveniently packed. Takes up very little space compared to wood shavings, straw bales or sawdust.

*Thermally processed up to 150C degrees temperature. This eliminates any possbility of horse getting an allergy reaction.
*Outstanding smell absorption (ammonia).

*100% natural and ecological. Made from wheat, barley, oat, rye and other straws. It contains many valuable natural nutrients, fiber, trace elements (potassium, phosphorus, nitrogen, iron, cooper, zink, magnesium). Even if horse consumes the pellets, it won’t be harmed in any way.

*High quality fertiliser. Straw pellets break down in weeks and can be used on fields as a fertiliser unlike wood shavings that take years to break down and cause damage to fields.

*Very easy to muck out. Just use a fork to take away solid bits in affected areas.

*Cost and labor effective.

*Very good protection from moisture condensation and mould in stables. Drier air. Less ammonia.

All in all this is by far the best bedding available today. Just try it out and you will not go back to anything else. Happier animal = happier you.

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