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We are delighted to offer you wood pellets “SUNNY” for your home or workplace heating needs. Our wood pellets are made only from the highest quality pure sawdust which is dried to ensure maximum heat. Sawdust is bark free which eliminates the risk of damaging your stove and compromising your warranty (bark produces tar during burning process which will end up causing damage to your wood pellet stove in one way or the other). These pellets are DIN plus, EN plus A1 certified.

Our wood pellets are of a light colour and very well pressed. Pellets are packed in a 15kg high quality low-density polyethylene plastic (LDPE) bags that are widely recycable. There are 70 bags on a pallet, a total of 1050kg.

Spec is as folows:

Diameter – 6mm;

Calorific value Р<4.6 KW/kg;

Moisture – <8%;

Ash content – <0.7%;

Density – >600kg/m3.

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