1m3 – Kiln Dried Ash Firewood

Log lenght 25cm, low moisture content, delivered tightly hand stacked in a 1m3 wooden crate, dimensions 85cm x 115cm x 120cm,  perfect for deliveries where acces and storage space is easily accessable by van tail lift and pallet truck.

Experience the warmth and comfort of our Kiln Dried Ash Firewood. Carefully sourced from premium ash trees and processed using advanced kiln drying techniques, our firewood is the perfect choice for cozy fires. With a guarenteed low moisture content, easy ignition, and high heat output, our Kiln Dried Ash Firewood will give you a clean burn and long-lasting fires. Enjoy the crackling ambiance and superior quality of our sustainable and eco-friendly firewood. Order yours today and elevate your fireplace experience.